With our Bond Insurance, we bring all our experience and soundness to you, together with personalized advice, in order to back you up in the fulfillment of your obligations.

We are the only Argentine insurance company in ALACAT and accredited by IATA to sell bond insurance.

We provide the profession or activity bonds required by IATA from its members, with a swift issuance system and customized service. Working with IATA is a sign of the quality and reliability of the insurance we offer.

  • Bonds for IATA travel agents.
  • Bonds for IATA freight forwarders.

Used in international trade, this insurance protects any rights of the Argentine Tax Authority (AFIP) which may be affected by any possible noncompliance by importers or exporters.

Main types of Customs Bonds:

  • Carriage by land
  • Temporary import or export
  • Discrepancy in import duties
  • Missing documents
  • Registration in the Importers/Exporters Registry

Main bonds for construction, services and/or supply agreements, whether public or private:

  • Bid bond
  • Performance bond
  • Prepaid expenses
  • Latent defects

Other bonds:

  • Commercial lease
  • Corporate board members (directors and managing partners)

Request for Global Agreement

It sets forth in writing the commercial and legal relationship between the company (policyholder) and Assekuransa Compañía de Seguros S.A. It must be signed only once by the head of the company, with certification by a notary, and it will be valid for all the policies issued at the company’s request.

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Surety Bond

Through this form, the signatory (surety) takes on liability with his/her own assets in case of failure to perform by the policyholder (obligor). It must be signed by the surety and his/her spouse, both in their own name and behalf, with certification by a notary. If the surety is a legal entity, it must be signed by the head of the company, with certification by a notary.

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Statement of Assets

This form must be signed by the surety and must be certified by a public accountant as to the accuracy of the figures included in it. The Statement of Assets supplements the Surety Bond, by specifying the assets which back up the operations.

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